Investments!! Investments!! Investments!! This word keeps recurring in virtually all our discussions. What are we even talking about? If you’re called on to explain something about the term “investment” what can you say it stands for in its entirety? Oh please forgive me for being so forward. It’s a lovely day over here my buddies; I hope it’s the same for you as well. Today we’ll be talking investments: are you eager to know more about this?



Investments in many sectors like macroeconomics, finance, agriculture, education and,  so many fields have something in common and that’s the singular point that to invest in simple terms is to allocate a specific amount of money in the expectation of some sort of benefit in a near or far future time. The benefits of investments are usually called “returns” on investments often referred to as ROI. The returns on investments may be a gain or a loss due to changes in the currency exchange rates.



There are different types of investments and they include:



*Mutual funds

*Certificate of Deposit

*Retirement plans




Agric-tech is simply the addition of technology to agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture to improve efficiency and profit while saving time and resources. This is the type of investment run at Farmbuddy whereby you invest a certain amount of money, we farm for you and you get to earn your returns after a stipulated period usually called the farm cycle or investment cycle. Agriculture over the years has been influenced by numerous technological advancements that have greatly impacted positively on the traditional or crude ways of farming or tending to livestock.

The fact that the population continues to grow daily makes it imperative that food should be provided: therefore bringing a need to implement modern ways of planting and rearing livestock for human use. The rising demand makes the availability of farmland short. So it can be agreed how important agriculture is making it a profitable business that grows in demand. Investment in agriculture, therefore cannot be overemphasized; it is simply a necessity. Also, improvement of the quality and ecological safety of food products are the keys to high profitability and in the development of society and entrepreneurship. The spectacular thing about agric-tech investments is careful, thought out selection of stable projects with minimal risks, and the use of the complex of different approaches to their investment plans.

At Farmbuddy, we are committed to bringing you the best deals on farm cycles and investment cycles that suit the need of our dear investors and buddies. We have got snail farm, basil, ugu, tomato, aquaponics which is the growing of fish and vegetables together, we also have livestock such as pig and poultry. For better information please visit our website to check out the newly added farm openings and carefully choose an investment plan that suits your preferences.

Choosing the right investments can be a struggle indeed; and so to make a good decision, you could hire the services of a financial adviser. You can rest assured that at Farmbuddy, we are committed to helping you invest right and smart. Whatever you do, make sure you’re multiplying your funds and securing your future. The valentine promo is ending on the 15th buddies, how much have you invested? Visit today.







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