There are several good reasons cucumbers have become popular in recent years. This popularity drives the very high consumption rate of cucumbers, which pushes up its demand. All this translates to high profit for the entrepreneur who invests in cucumber farming because the market is very big and ever-present. Once again to every farm buddy who has invested in cucumber, we want to congratulate you for an excellent investment decision made!

Your investments have been immediately put to work and as at when due, you will certainly smile to the bank!

Quality cucumber seeds were planted after clearing the land area which is over 10 acres, that’s about 40468.6 square meters located at Isiwo in Ogun state.

The farmers have been introduced to modern farming techniques and all necessary tools/incentives provided.

We want to say a very BIG thank you for trusting FarmBuddy and most importantly for choosing to be a part of the success story, thanks, buddy!