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Today we bring a very interesting and exciting topic!
Cookwares are simply the wares we use to prepare our meals at home and they range from ceramic to aluminum to nonstick to stainless Steel.
In the art of cooking, the goal is to get your meals prepared in a healthy way and as much as these cookwares all serve that purpose some are far better options than the other.

– ALUMINIUM COOKWARE – These are by far the cheapest cookware, you will find it in almost every home. Although they are cheap they go bad pretty early you observe things like black dots, color changes, and even puncture and leaking.
Easy to purchase, easy to use but may have to be replaced as often as possible

– CERAMIC COOKWARE – These are not fully made from@ceramic by the way but they have a ceramic coating which tends to give it a beautiful finish, they are non-stick, non-toxic in most cases and easy to clean. Some ceramic cookware has an enamel coating that may break or crack over time so you want to take precaution with it

– NON STICK COOKWARE – Contrary to public opinion about how safe these may seem they do pose some health risk as the non-stick material made of lead may leach into our food especially acidic foods like tomatoes and poses a great health risk to us. Cooking with this is a total breeze but one needs to be cautious of what you’re cooking with it

-CAST IRON &STAINLESS STEEL – The are the safest to use and the most expensive to get. They are thick and while some cast iron may be enameled to give a beautiful finish, stainless steel is just pure silver color. They are both nonstick, high heat conductors and as long as they are taken care of properly may be passed from generations (LOL)

So there you have it, a detailed explanation of our cookwares and their pros and cons
Ensure you go for the safest option even though it may be more expensive – HEALTH IS WEALTH.
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