Hello there friends, how e be now. Hope you enjoyed the Easter break? Did you chill out or you were indoors throughout; more importantly, I hope you had fun and caught some rest. April has so many goodies in store for you and we’ll be dropping the bombshells one after the other.As you may already know buddies, our farm-shops are closed for now and a new form of investment has been introduced and I’m referring to our newly launched “investment slot”. Rest assured that your previous investments are still in progress and you would be paid your returns.  I’m sure you have got so many questions about how the investment slots work and what’s to know about it. I’m here to do just that. Hang in there for a moment.

                                                HOW IT WORKS

Previously, we had farm cycles ranging from 3 months to a year at various percentages on returns (ROI) after which the capital and interest are paid together. Now, with the investment slot, you own a farm slot at 50,000 naira only per slot and earn a whopping 35% ROI. In essence, we are making you a partner with Farmbuddy and, your contract can either be renewed, transferred, or terminated. The slots available are a total of 5000 and once they are completed, would be closed. The duration of the investment is 10years and capital cannot be withdrawn until after 1 year. Each farm slot is 50,000naira and you could own as many as desired. Furthermore, the ROI OF 35% IS paid thrice in a year which is synonymous to every 4 months. You also have the option of collecting the ROI as a one-time payment if you so, please. This can be discussed with your account manager.

It would also be imperative to note that your investment starts to count 7 days after your payment has been confirmed. In a case whereby you would like to withdraw your capital, noting that it has been with us for a minimum of 1 year, a 4-month notice would be needed before it can be done. This is to make sure that the funds of our investors are properly managed and adequately dispensed. Our investment slots are open to individual and corporate bodies and just as was done before, you can use card payments or a direct bank transfer.

Payments of returns have been scheduled to be done twice in the month which is on the 15th and on the last day of the month; either 30th or 31st depending on when the investment was made. Investments made within the first 15 days, will be paid on the 15th while those made in the latter part of the month will be paid on the last day of the month.

                                                WHAT’S THE CATCH?

Here comes the fun part!!!! With every investment slot you invest in, you get a prize. Yes, you heard that right, if you invest in 5 slots, you get 5 prizes, if you invest in 10 slots, you get 10 prizes and, so on. Prizes range from fans, flash drives, sweatshirts, electronics and, so on. The GRAND PRIZE is a …….WAIT!!! drum-roll… you guessed it, a BRAND NEW CAR. Interesting right? You qualify for a brand new car when you invest a minimum of 100 slots.

If I were you, I’ll begin to gather all my loose change and invest in as many slots as I can before they run out. With the right investments, you can never go wrong and this right here is the perfect one for you. Do you remember Fola from the emails? Be like Fola, be a smart investor today, and smile to the bank tomorrow.

For more inquiries, please send us a mail at hello@farmbuddy.ng or speak to our client service personnel on 09097770382. I hope justice has been done to expatiate on this topic. We hope to see your investments soon enough.

Until then I remain your buddy, Tife  Adejinmi



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