Grasscutter Farm

  • Location: Isiwo, Ogun State
  •  Minimum Investment: ₦50,000
  •  Return on Investment: 22%
  •  Farm Cycle: 8 Months
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Isiwo, Nigeria
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  • Description

    Product Description

    The grasscutter farm is available for investment on farmbuddy at an ROI of 25% for 6 months. Grasscutter farming is the most profitable! Crossbreed grasscutter can help to make emerging farmers successful and they also have a large local and foreign meat market

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    21773Tonye Itokostacyitoko@gmail.com132,000.00
    21771Elizabeth Williamslizfemwilly@gmail.com400,000.00
    21769Akinwunmi Olufemi Williamsdebbyayok@gmail.com400,000.00
    21766Deborah Williamslizfemwilly@yahoo.com400,000.00
    21764Enefiok EtukEnefetuk2018@gmail.com50,000.00
    21760Victoria Serikitosin.seriki@gmail.com100,000.00
    21753Chiemela Iwegbulembcfliwegbulem@gmail.com130,000.00
    21751Wuraola Okuwobiokuwobiwura@gmail.com100,000.00
    21748Oluwanifemi Olufemioluwanifemiolufemi@gmail.com250,000.00
    21745boluwatife cokerboluefunyemi@gmail.com100,000.00