Own a plantain farm

Location: Isiwo, Ogun State

Amount: ₦350,000

Duration: For life

Minimum amount is ₦2050000 Maximum amount is ₦1000000000


Own a plantain farm for life with just 350k! and get over 70k profit every year for 10years!!



  • One plot of farmland in our farm estate at Isiwo is valued at Two hundred and fifty thousand naira(250,000)

With just One hundred thousand naira(100,000):

  • The land will be allocated and cleared.
  • A minimum of sixty-seven (67) plantain suckers will be planted on the farm.
  • We provide 100% quality management to include security and insurance.
  • Periodic updates on-farm activities will be sent via email.
  • Each sucker will produce a bunch of plantain within 10 to 12 months
  • A bunch of plantains is sold at a minimum of Two thousand naira(2000)
  • Profit is shared at the end of the cycle at a 60:40 ratio.
  • The client takes 60%, while the management takes 40%
ID Name Email Amount
25246Edinam Ukpabiotzgraettone@gmail.com
25245Edinam Ukpabiotzgraettone@gmail.com
25244Edinam Ukpabioedinamukpabio@gmail.com
25154Judith Asikogujudith@farmbuddy.ng
25161Lateef Yusufyusuflateef223@gmail.com
25156Gideon Ayobamikale Williamsgiddyayo@gmail.com
25155Deborah Williamslizfemwilly@yahoo.com
25148Sola Ekposoright2k@gmail.com
25147Oluwatobi Folivifolivitobi@gmail.com
25146SAADAT ODOGUNsaadatodogun@yahoo.com