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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

You can own an investment slot in FarmBuddy green house farms and earn an ROI of 35%/annum with interest paid every 4 months

What do you mean by owning a slot in FarmBuddy Green House Farm?

This makes you a partner of FarmBuddy Technologies for a long term which can be terminated, renewed, or transferred

When does my investment cycle commence?

Your investment cycle starts counting a week after you make an investment

What do you mean by long term duration investment, does it mean I cannot receive my capital again or terminate my investment?

Duration of Investment is long term (Maximum of 10 years), you cannot terminate your investment until after 1 year, and you must notify us 4 months ahead and this will give us ample time to buy back your slot or sell it to a potential investor.

Can I sell my slot to whoever I want?

Yes, you can sell the slot on your own but you must notify us so we can prepare proper documentation

How many slots can I purchase?

You can buy as many as you want. but a limited number of slots is available. Slots will no longer be available once we reach our limit.


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