Hi, Farmbuddies,

The growth and development of the rice plant involve a continuous change. This means important growth events occur in the rice plant at all times. Therefore, the overall daily health of the rice plant is important.  Because we have carefully monitored and cared for the plant at all times, you, our happy investor do not need to worry about the grain yield and development of the rice plant.

Currently, the rice farm is at the reproductive stage. The first sign that was noticed when the rice plant was getting ready to enter its reproductive phase was a bulging of the leaf stem that concealed the developing panicle, called the ‘booting’ stage. Then the tip of the developing panicle emerged from the stem and continued to grow. Last week, the plant was at the ‘heading’ stage because the panicle was fully visible (The forming of the panicle marks the end of the tillering or vegetative phase and the beginning of the reproductive phase.)

Flowering began a day after heading has been completed. As the flowers opened they shed   their pollen on each other so that pollination can occur. Flowering takes about 7 days.