Cassava is a highly underrated commodity yet it is extremely lucrative and convenient. Here are a few things you need to know about how great this commodity is!

Cassava is very adaptive to climate change as it can resist high temperature or drought. Cassava grows well on all types of soil with an exception of heavy or saturated soil. Though it gives preference to light, well drained and deep soil rich in organic nutrients.

Cassava is very good at weed control because once the plant is around 6-7 weeks, it already forms a canopy with its leaves, therefore, considerably reducing weed emergency. Thus reducing cost of weeding and herbicide application.

Many industries in Nigeria use cassava as a major raw material so there is hardly any trouble selling it as it has a large buyer base!

These and more are all the reasons you should invest in our cassava farm. If you already have, be rest assured that you will be smiling to the bank soon!