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So good to have you here, let’s talk about how you can improve your mental health during this COVID-19 and the lock down Order;

Our timelines have changed drastically and so has our lifestyle. One has to be constantly cautious of his hygiene, no more hugs or handshakes, no partying or clubbing I mean NO OWAMBE!!!, and even religious gatherings are under very strict conditions all because WE NEED TO STAY SAFE. There is no way one isn’t going be affected mentally the United states of America has measured a 50% increase in depression rate since the inception of their lockdown order BUT it is not the end of the world or rather we are trying to avert it, as you all know there is always a bright side to life and so farmbuddy has curated some ways you can improve your mental health during the covid-19

  1. Connect with friends via phone call or video call – the social distancing order is only restricted to physical distance and so you can and should reach out to our friends and family via phone call or video call talking about fun things, past times and past or future events. Do not procrastinate; make that call just reach out to someone to lighten up your mood and their mood as well and when reaching please do not dwell excessively on the effect of the corona virus as it may increase fear or panic. THE WORLS IS CRAZY ENOUGH AS IT IS, LET US NOT MAKE IT EVEN CRAZIER


  1. Help and support people around you – YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE AFFECTED, there are people around you who need help in terms of cash, or kind. Sometimes all someone needs is a person to talk to, a word of encouragement or a reason to smile. A lot of organizations has conme out to render support and some had a call for volunteers you can volunteer. Even if you have to do it from a distance or putting on a complete protective gear always lend a helping hand when you can, remember THERE IS ENOUGH LOVE TO GO AROUND


  1. Talk about your worries, don’t keep silent – a problem shared is half solved already, talk to someone about your fears or worries, it’s okay to talk about it. It is just not okay to dwell too much on it and no matter how gloomy the topic may seem always look on the bright side. It can never be as bad as you may see it, WHEN THERE IS LIFE THERE IS HOPE



  1. Look after your physical wellbeing – this is not an opportunity to stop looking after yourself, anxiety can cause some people to drop their guard down when it comes to physical well being, this shouldn’t be your case as it will not help alleviate the problem, instead you are on the fastest route to a sickbed. Get fit, take up a challenge and finish it, take a shower, look good for yourself. BEAUTY IS THERAPEUTIC


  1. Manage your social media intake- there has been several broad cast messages flying about concerning the corona virus and cures for it, it is important for one to filter certain information in order to avoid panic. Only news with certified logos or signatures should be given much consideration, every other should be filtered thoroughly before consumption. GET EDUCATION FROM THE RIGHT SOURCES ONLY



  1. MANAGE YOUR FINANCES – it is very okay to be afraid because we don’t know how much this shift will affect us, but we are certain about one thing, this too shall soon pass but what will happen if you exhaust all your finances panic buying? This is the most important tip dear reader, the economy is suffering at the moment but the demand for food has increased drastically, new food stalls are opening every day and what does that mean? The agricultural sector is looking for investors, if there was ever a time to invest in agriculture NOW IS THE TIME AND FARMBUDDY IS THE PLATFORM. Get returns on investment as high as 30% when you invest with us and seize the opportunity this era brings to us


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So there you have it, a few tips on how you can improve your mental health in this period, please remember to stay safe and INVEST WITH FARM BUDDY.



With Love



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  1. Oyindolapo Budale

    Really helpful👌. Thank you Farmbuddy. The virus should pack and go already jare
    I miss Owanbe oooo😌 especially the jollof rice😭

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