Yay!!!!!! It’s the season to celebrate our women. This month has got many days to appreciate the women-folk. We’ve got mothering Sunday, mother’s day, and of course international women’s day. Who even says you have to wait for special days to appreciate our dearly beloved females; every single day is a unique opportunity to do so. International women’s day was celebrated a few days back; this brought to the fore the achievements of various women in their respective fields. We also celebrated the works of Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and her appointment as the new Director-general of the World Trade Organization a little into last month. It was such a great feat we all were happy to be associated with. Welcome back buddies, slept well? I’ve really been struggling with sleep here, but we move. I hope you’ve been getting enough rest though.



Could we talk about more influential women? Of course, we should. There’s Mosunmola Abudu, a media mogul who has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry, popularly referred to as Mo Abudu; we have our very own Linda Ikeji, the famous blogger, Ireti Doyle, a renowned actress, a woman of poise and grace if you ask me, Folake Coker, a fashion designer with her massive empire; Tiffany Amber and a host of others. What do you really think has made these women stand tall in their different workspaces? Do you think such success comes about by chance? Well, some get born into really affluent households no doubt and others get to be friends or acquaintances to really important personalities who bring them opportunities. Nevertheless, making a name for yourself in whatever industry of choice would regardless of whether or not you’re born into wealth depend

on how much willingness, dedication, and hard work put into work.



We all know that babies come from a woman’s body right? Yes! Women have that superpower of birthing children. That being established, does the act in itself make women special? Well, there are many opinions about this; I’d love to know what you think about this in the comment section an in-depth study on the intricacies of the activities that surround pregnancy and childbirth have been seen to require a great amount of strength, physically, emotionally and even psychologically. Anyways, giving birth can be directly proportional or synonymous to an increase in the population therefore it can rightly be said that women speed up the population growth process.

We also see women excelling in various aspects of the economy, the education sector, political arena, the tech industry, the aviation industry, agricultural industry, entertainment, commerce, even down to transportation; we see a tremendous turn-out in the excellence displayed by women irrespective of the age range. They have continued to bring growth to organizations and have become indispensable members of society. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT A FEMINIST POST. I believe excellence and hard work from any person should be celebrated and an opportunity has brought itself to appreciate women and this is exactly what I am doing. Time would go against us if we were to mention every single reason why women are lovely beings so we’ll draw the curtains here.

Buddies!!!! have you invested your savings and spare funds this month, successful men and women know the importance investment plays in their businesses. Remember “The biggest risk of all is not taking one.” — Mellody Hobson. Visit the farm shops and choose an investment plan that suits you. TAKE THAT RISK TODAY.




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