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With Farmbuddy

FarmBuddy helps you to be part of the agricultural revolution
and ensure food security by enabling you invest
in farm openings on the go.

Earn 12% - 35% return on investments

Safe and Secure

We use high-end technology to protect data and funds with the help of our trusted partners

Easy to Use

From start to finish, you can entirely surf for your farm investment options quick and easy


From that spare fund, you can be on your way to financial freedom with FarmBuddy

We empower farmers

We partner with local farmers in our farm communities

our farms are located in six (6) towns spread across three (3) states in Nigeria and our goal is to engage these farmers to increase productivity and wealth.
Threat protection

Stop hackers before they ever gain access

At farmbuddy, our years of experience mixed with scientific discoveries in the agriculture sector gives us an edge to effectively go through the Agricultural value chain on your behalf.
#farmBuddyAtOne Anniversary

farmBuddy Documentary

In July 2020, FarmBuddy celebrated one year of operations with amazing landmark achievements and milestones. the most important milestone for us was the fact that WE MADE IMPACT!
Our Farms

Some of our farms opened

These farms are available for investment. Please follow the process by clicking your farm investment of choice
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What farmbuddies are saying

At farmbuddy, when you invest in any of our farms, you become family. This is core in our approach and operations model

"Got my money on time with expected returns, can’t wait to invest some more."
Invested in Cucumber Farm
“Payment was right on time without stress. More Investments made.”

Francisca O.
Invested in Cucumber Farm
“Highly interactive, respectful, and friendly agents. Great overall service with prompt payment.”

Invested in Tomato Farm

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