[Tested] the Best Cutting Zero Turn Lawn Mower

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Let’s dive right into the world of the best cutting zero-turn lawn mowers. These machines are essential for anyone looking to maintain a perfectly manicured lawn, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner. Here, we’ll explore some top-notch options available on Amazon, ensuring they have at least 5 five-star reviews to guarantee quality.

Top Picks for Best Cutting Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

Exmark Lazer Z X-Series

  • Engine Options: Kohler or Kawasaki
  • Cutting Widths: 52″, 60″, 72″, and even 96″
  • Fuel Capacity: 12 gallons
  • Price: Around $13,999
  • Why It’s Great: Known for its durability and efficiency, the Exmark Lazer Z X-Series is equipped with powerful engines and a robust suspension seat for ultimate comfort. It’s ideal for large properties due to its wide cutting deck options and high fuel capacity.


Husqvarna Z560LS

  • Engine: Kawasaki FX1000 EFI
  • Cutting Width: 60″
  • Fuel Capacity: 12 gallons
  • Price: About $12,699
  • Why It’s Great: The Husqvarna Z560LS boasts industrial strength and top-notch ergonomics. Its efficient HydroGear transmissions and suspension seat make it perfect for professional landscapers who need to tackle tough terrain with ease.


Greenworks OptimusZ 52” 24kWh Ride-On Zero Turn Mower

  • Engine: Electric equivalent to 65 horsepower
  • Cutting Width: 52″
  • Battery Life: Up to 8 hours of runtime
  • Price: $26,999.99
  • Why It’s Great: This eco-friendly option offers impressive performance with less maintenance. The Greenworks OptimusZ is quiet, emission-free, and perfect for areas with noise and emission restrictions.


Toro 6000 Series

  • Engine: Kohler Command Pro or Kawasaki FX
  • Cutting Widths: 60″, 72″, 96″
  • Fuel Capacity: 12 gallons
  • Price: Approximately $15,999
  • Why It’s Great: The Toro 6000 Series is built for durability with a high-strength steel deck and advanced control systems. It ensures a consistent, high-quality cut, making it a favorite among professionals.

Scag Turf Tiger II

  • Engine Options: Gas, Propane, Diesel
  • Cutting Widths: 52″, 61″, 72″
  • Fuel Capacity: 12 gallons
  • Price: Starting at $16,199
  • Why It’s Great: Known for its exceptional mulching capabilities, the Scag Turf Tiger II is versatile and robust. Its comfortable seating and ergonomic controls make it ideal for long mowing sessions.

Beginner Tips

Choosing the Right Deck Size

The deck size determines how much grass you can cut in one pass. Larger decks (60″ and above) are great for big lawns, but ensure you have enough storage and maneuvering space.

Understanding Engine Power

For commercial use, engines with at least 25 horsepower are recommended. Higher horsepower engines (30 HP and above) are better for tough, extensive jobs.

Considering Fuel Capacity

A larger fuel tank (10 gallons or more) is beneficial for prolonged use without frequent refueling.

Prioritizing Comfort Features

Look for mowers with suspension seats, ergonomic controls, and vibration-dampening features to reduce operator fatigue during long hours of operation.


Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a homeowner with a large property, choosing the right zero-turn mower can make a significant difference in your lawn care routine. The Exmark Lazer Z X-Series and Husqvarna Z560LS stand out for their reliability and performance, while the Greenworks OptimusZ offers an eco-friendly alternative. Toro and Scag provide durable and efficient options with unique features suited for various mowing conditions.

These mowers are investments in quality and efficiency, ensuring your lawn stays pristine with less effort and more comfort. Happy mowing!

FAQs on Choosing the Best Cutting Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

What should I consider when choosing the deck size for a zero-turn mower? When selecting a deck size, consider the size of your lawn and the obstacles you need to navigate. Larger decks (60″ and above) are ideal for expansive areas as they cover more ground quickly.

However, if your lawn has tight spaces or many obstacles, a smaller deck will be easier to maneuver and store. Always measure your storage space and the width of gates or sheds to ensure the mower will fit.

How much engine power do I need for a zero-turn mower? Engine power is crucial for handling different mowing conditions. For commercial use, opt for engines with at least 25 horsepower to ensure sufficient power for tough jobs. Higher horsepower engines (30 HP and above) are better for tackling rough terrain, thick grass, and large properties efficiently. Mowers like the Exmark Lazer Z X-Series and Husqvarna Z560LS offer robust engine options that provide excellent performance and durability.

Why is fuel capacity important in a zero-turn mower? A larger fuel tank allows you to mow for extended periods without needing to refuel, which is especially important for commercial use or large properties.

Most commercial zero-turn mowers, like the Toro 6000 Series and Scag Turf Tiger II, come with fuel tanks that hold 10 gallons or more, providing ample capacity for long mowing sessions. This reduces downtime and increases productivity.

What comfort features should I look for in a zero-turn mower? Comfort features are essential for reducing operator fatigue during long mowing sessions.

Look for mowers with suspension seats, ergonomic controls, and vibration-dampening systems. Features such as adjustable seats, armrests, and easy-to-reach controls can make a significant difference in comfort. For example, the Greenworks OptimusZ and Husqvarna Z560LS are known for their comfortable seating and ergonomic designs, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable mowing experience.

Are there eco-friendly zero-turn mowers available? Yes, eco-friendly zero-turn mowers like the Greenworks OptimusZ offer a powerful, battery-operated alternative to traditional gas-powered mowers.

These mowers are quieter, emission-free, and require less maintenance. The Greenworks OptimusZ, for instance, provides up to 8 hours of runtime on a single charge and is equipped with advanced features like GPS and tech-forward traction control. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact while maintaining high performance.

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