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What is Farmbuddy?

Farmbuddy is a digital agricultural investment company registered in the UK but began operations in Nigeria as a subsidiary of Butren Investment Limited

How long has farmbuddy been in business?

Farmbuddy is an affiliate of Butren Investment Limited and has been in business since 2013

Is the company registered?

In Nigeria, the company is a subsidiary of Butren Investment Limited, a company duely registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with RC

Number: 1099918

Is farmbuddy directly involved in the farming process?

Yes, we are farmers. We work with experienced farmers and experts

Are you farms Insured?

Our farms are insured with LeadWay Assurance Company

I don’t understand the details on the farm, please explain?

There are three major details on all the farm openings

  • The pricing on the Farm: this is the minimum amount that can be invested in that respective farm
  • ROI: Return on Investment, this is the percentage profit of investment in the farm
  • Farm cycle: this is the duration of the farm investment.

Does my investment start to run immediately?

Your investment starts to run the first day of the next month you initiate investment.

Can I withdraw funds before end of cycle?

No, you can’t due to logistics reasons.

Can I invest in multiple farms at a time?

Yes, you can invest in more than one farm simultaneously

Is there a limit to the amount I can invest?

You cannot invest above 50million at a time.

Can I invest the farms?

Yes, we have scheduled times for farm tours.

How do I get my returns?

You get credited automatically at the end of your cycle

Can I re-invest?

Yes, you can.