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What is Farmbuddy?

Farmbuddy is an agritech company based in Lagos, Nigeria and in the UK

Is the company registered?

The company is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with RC Number: 1717359

What do you do?

We are farmers. We scale up production with the use of agricultural machinery to mechanize farm work and process. We also lease out our farms to interested individuals.

Are you farms Insured?

Yes, our farms are insured with Leadway Assurance Company

Do you still have short term investment?

No, our short term investment plans are not available anymore.

Is farmbuddy directly involved in the farming process?

Yes, we are directly involved and we partner with other experienced farmers as well.


Can I buy a farmland and farm independently?

Yes, you can buy in plots and acres. You can manage it yourself and we can manage it for you.

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