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What is Farmbuddy?

Farmbuddy is an agritech investment company registered in the UK. We began operations in Nigeria as a subsidiary of Butren Investment Limited.

How long has farmbuddy been in business?

Farmbuddy is an affiliate of Butren Investment Limited and has been in business since 2013

Is the company registered?

In Nigeria, the company is a subsidiary of Butren Investment Limited, a company duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with RC Number: 1099918

Is farmbuddy directly involved in the farming process?

Yes, we are farmers. We work with agronomists and other experienced farmers.

Where are your farms located?

Our farms are located at Isiwo, Ogun State

Are you farms Insured?

Our farms are insured with LeadWay Assurance Company.

How do I invest?

You can invest by visiting our farmshop on the website or downloading our mobile app, available on google play store and app store

What do you mean by owning Investment slots in Farmbuddy?

This makes you a partner of Farmbuddy on a long term, which can be terminated, renewed, or transferred

What do you mean, does it mean I cannot receive my capital again or terminate my investment?

The investment is for a maximum duration of 10 years. However, you can terminate your investment at the minimum duration of 1 year, your capital will be paid with the next ROI payment.

How does it work?

You own investment slots for 50k/slot and get 35% ROI yearly, interest is paid every 4 months


How many slot can I invest in?

You can invest in as many as you want but a limited number of slots is available. Slots will no longer be available once we reach our limit.

When will my investment start counting?

Your investment will start counting a week after you make an investment

How do I pay for the investment?

You can pay with your card or make a direct bank transfer into the company’s account


Can a corporate body own a slot?

This is available for both individual and corporate body.


What do you mean by own a slot and win a prize?

For every slot you own, you get a gift. For instance, if you invest in 50 slots, you’ll get 50 gifts, 1000 slots=1000 gifts, and so on. You win gifts such as tshirt, pens, jotters, umbrellas, mugs, keyholders, motorbike,AC etc and a grand prize of a brand new car


How do I qualify for the brand new car?

Invest in a minimum of 100 slots and qualify for a brand new car

How do I get my returns?

Payment is done twice in a month (15th & 31st). Investment made 1-15 is paid on the 15th of due month while investment made 16-31 is paid on the 31st of due month.

What happened to the other investment plans?

They are no longer available.

What happens to my existing investment on those plans?

Your investment is still running as it should.  You will be credited according to the terms of investment as at when you sponsored.

Can I convert my current investment with Farmbuddy to this new plan?

Yes, you can convert your current investment plan with us once the duration expires.

Is my investment safe?

At Farmbuddy, we guarantee rest of mind and prompt payment of returns. Your fund is safe and secure.