List of the Biggest Snail Farm in Nigeria

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Embarking on snail farming in Nigeria is a journey into a lucrative and sustainable agribusiness, which has been gaining popularity due to its low startup costs, high profitability, and growing demand for snails in both local and international markets.

Snail farming is an eco-friendly venture that requires minimal land space and can be easily scaled up from small to large-scale production. Here’s a look at some of the biggest snail farms in Nigeria, reflecting the sector’s potential and opportunities for prospective farmers and investors.

One standout is the proposed Egbeja Snail Village in Ekiti State, envisioned to be the biggest snail farm in Africa and the second-largest globally. With a planned capacity to stock 2.6 million snails, this ambitious project aims to produce snails and slime for export, promising significant economic benefits and job creation.

The initiative is a partnership between the Ekiti State government, Dem Eli Farms, and FarmKonnect, reflecting a substantial commitment to revitalizing agriculture through modern, scalable ventures​​​​.

Another notable mention is Mikky Snail Farm, which has established itself as one of the prominent snail farms in Nigeria. This farm specializes in commercialized snail production and has embraced a diversified agribusiness model that includes poultry farming, crop plantation, and more.

Their operations cater to both local and export markets, underscoring the versatility and profitability of well-managed snail farming enterprises​​.

For those interested in starting their snail farming journey or looking to invest in this sector, these farms illustrate the vast potential and opportunities within Nigeria’s snail farming industry.

They serve as benchmarks for what can be achieved with the right blend of innovation, investment, and sustainable farming practices. Prospective investors or new farmers can reach out to these established farms for insights, partnership opportunities, or even practical training, setting a solid foundation for their ventures in this promising agricultural sector.

If you’re considering venturing into snail farming, these examples show that with strategic planning, adequate knowledge, and the right investment, you can build a profitable business that contributes significantly to food security, economic development, and job creation.

Whether you’re aiming for small-scale operations or looking to build a large-scale farm, the Nigerian snail farming industry offers a fertile ground for growth, innovation, and sustainable success.

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