10 Poultry Farms in Ibadan, Nigeria

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the journey of exploring poultry farms in Ibadan is truly exciting, especially if you’re considering stepping into the poultry business or looking to invest. Ibadan, known for its rich agricultural heritage, hosts a variety of poultry farms that cater to different needs, from day-old chicks to mature birds and a range of poultry products. Here’s a friendly guide to some notable poultry farms in the area:

  1. Atops Farms – Specializing in a range of poultry products including broilers, layers, and eggs. They are known for their quality poultry offerings.
  2. Brent Farms Hatchery – Equipped with a state-of-the-art hatchery, they focus on commercial chicken egg hatching and other poultry services.
  3. Floramos Farms & Hatcheries Ltd – Offering services in the production of poultry products like day-old chicks, they also provide agricultural importation services.
  4. GbogboAiye Farms – Located in the Olunde Area, they specialize in poultry farming and the sales of poultry products.
  5. Hope Poultry – A professional farm dealing in day-old chicks, eggs, broilers, and more, situated in Egbeda, Ibadan.
  6. Karmadex Nigeria Ltd – Experienced in poultry and poultry products sales, offering vet consultation services as well.
  7. Kayolat Agro Enterprises – Known for being a major distributor of poultry feeds and offering a wide range of poultry products.
  8. Labaduu Farm – They provide extensive services in poultry farming and sales, particularly known for their poultry eggs.
  9. Micholad Farms & Agro Supports – Engaged in the commercial production and sales of various poultry breeds and sizes.
  10. Okiemute Farms – A diverse farm offering a range of poultry products and known for its customer-centric approach​​​​​​​​.

For potential farmers or investors like you, these farms offer a plethora of opportunities. Whether you’re interested in starting your own poultry venture or looking to source high-quality poultry products, these farms provide a variety of options.

Prices vary depending on the specific farm and the products you’re interested in, so it’s advisable to contact them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Most farms are open to visitors, but it’s best to call ahead and schedule a visit.

If you’re keen on purchasing or want more detailed information, reaching out directly to the farms is your best bet. They can provide specifics on available stock, pricing, and any additional services they might offer, such as consultancy or technical support for your own poultry enterprise.

Engaging with these farms not only supports local agriculture but also ensures you’re getting quality products backed by experienced professionals in the field. So, whether you’re just starting or looking to expand your poultry business, Ibadan’s farms are worth exploring. Happy farming!

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