Welcome on board buddies, it’s been a cold day out here in Lagos, Nigeria.  I really miss sharing my ideas and thoughts with you, my friends. I promise not to miss another opportunity to do so.

In today’s corner, I’d like to do something quite different….

Let’s take it down memory lane to feel that fire that burned at the onset of this amazing journey, we are currently on. Now let me ask you this question?  As our buddy can you tell why Farmbuddy came into existence?

Farmbuddy as an agric-tech organization was birthed in the second half of the year 2019 precisely in the 7th month, simply because we care so much about our nation’s agriculture. Nigeria is an untapped agricultural powerhouse!

There are over 90million hectares of arable land with just only 40% in utilization, and untapped irrigation potential of about  270billion cubic meters of surface water

With about 110 million youth in the workforce unengaged, we have the manpower, and also a large internal market of over 200 million people projected to grow to 470million in 2050.

The richness of our soil types, our water sources, the diversity of climatic conditions, and the high population density, all provide great crop and livestock production potential. But there is a gap!


The agro sector is facing a big challenge of over-dependence on the importation of commodities that are capable of being grown and processed in the country. Do you know that there is an increasing demand in the international market for our agriculture products? But where are they? We are not producing enough! We don’t even have enough to meet the demand in the country! Or why else do you think we import? Can you believe that even garri, Garri!! Is being imported from Asia now! “O wrong now! This takes me to the second point…

The lack of adequate funding and sufficient information. There are over 80 million farmers in the country, a majority of whom lack access to modern equipment, information on new farming techniques, high-quality seeds, and so on. This causes low-quality farm produces, limitation in food distribution, the inability of farmers to scale up production.

Simply put, farmers do not have the necessary funds to carry out farming activities as supposed to.

Farmbuddy, a team of experienced farmers and tech experts embarked on this journey to fill in these gaps.

  • Our vision is to rebuild a strong and sustainable agricultural industry.
  • Our mission is to be the largest hub of digitally connected, smart, and happy farm lovers.


We created a place where individuals can invest in farm openings on a go and get amazing returns on investment, while investment funds will enable us to empower farmers with modern tools and techniques, high-quality seeds, and scale-up production.

As the human population approach 10billion people by 2050, agriculture is poised to continue growth to meet the demand for food. Unemployment, in value of money, and food insecurity issues will also be solved.

Farmbuddy technology limited can proudly boast over 13,400 investors who have completed several farm investment cycles in the previous years since its conception in July 2019. We admit that it has been a roller coaster ride.

Challenges of course rear up their ugly head. We would be lying to say it has been smooth all the way. It hasn’t been an easy ride and issues come up, but with our loyals, we still wear our crown.

Farmbuddy would like to sincerely and tremendously crave your indulgence to continue giving us your faith, trust, and most importantly your money to keep the vision alive.

We are so large, that we can accommodate as many farm lovers as possible. We are so small we need everyone to survive!

PS: Our short-term farms are back! Note that the ongoing instability in the market and continuous rise in inflation were put into consideration in determining the returns.  Despite all, we are still offering the best! Go to the farm shop to get started now.

With Love,


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