Where to Buy Snails for Farming in Nigeria.

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Hello there! If you’re keen on starting snail farming or looking to buy snails for farming in Nigeria, I’ve gathered some valuable information to get you started on the right foot. Snail farming is a lucrative venture with growing popularity due to the high demand for snails, especially in the Nigerian market. Here’s a friendly guide to help you find the best places to purchase snails for your farm:

Where to Buy Snails for Farming in Nigeria

  1. AJ Organic Snail Farm: Located in Lagos, they are open 24 hours and offer a variety of snails suitable for farming. You can contact them at +234 704 016 9003 for more details.
  2. EDIPATED SNAIL FARMS & BUSINESS OFFICE: Situated in Abuja, they provide a wide range of snails and are open until 6 PM. Their contact number is +234 803 701 4561.
  3. BONNIEHOOD SNAIL FARM: Based in Yenagoa, Nigeria, and open 24 hours. They’re known for their quality snails.
  4. Alade Snails Farm: This farm is located in Ìdí odan Street along Orile Owu road and serves the Isokan area. They close at 8 PM and can be reached at +234 814 285 3171.
  5. Kalin Brig Fish/Snail farm: A reliable source in Benin City, open until 6 PM. They offer various snails suitable for farming, contact them at +234 807 605 4283.
  6. Mikky Snail Farm: Found in Ibadan, they can be contacted at +234 703 255 4633 for inquiries and purchases​​.

Tips for Beginners

  • Selecting Snails: Ensure you buy healthy snails, preferably from reputable farms. Look for snails that are active, have intact shells, and are free of any visible damage or disease.
  • Feeding: Snails are vegetarians and thrive on a diet including cabbage, cucumber, banana, tomato, and lettuce. You can also purchase special snail feed from local markets​​.
  • Housing: Snails need a moist, well-ventilated environment. If you’re farming indoors, prepare a soil base about 10 inches deep and keep it moist to replicate their natural habitat​​.
  • Breeding and Growth: Snails mate and lay eggs primarily in the spring and summer. Provide them with fertile soil, which is crucial for their growth and the egg-laying process. Ensure the environment has the right humidity and temperature to encourage breeding​​.

Buying snails for farming is just the first step; understanding their care, the right environment for their growth, and the market dynamics are crucial for a successful snail farming venture. Always consider the market demand, proper snail farming techniques, and effective business strategies to ensure profitability and sustainability in your snail farming business.

Feel free to reach out to the mentioned farms or explore local agricultural markets and online platforms like Beta Prices where you can find various snail sizes and breeds suitable for your farming needs​​​​. Starting small and gradually expanding as you gain more experience and understanding of the snail farming business can be a wise approach. Happy snail farming!

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