6 Poultry Farms in Ogun State, Nigeria

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Trying poultry farming in Ogun State is a fantastic decision, especially with the state’s rich agricultural heritage and supportive community. Whether you’re a budding farmer, an experienced agriculturist, or an investor eyeing the poultry sector, Ogun State offers a plethora of opportunities. Here’s a friendly guide to some of the notable poultry farms and related agricultural enterprises in the area:

  1. AnimalHouse Farm: Located along the Abeokuta-Ibadan Expressway, this farm is primarily focused on the commercial raising of chickens for egg production and selling adult birds.
  2. Bakinson and Sons Limited: Established in 1993, they concentrate on agricultural production, including livestock and various crop produces.
  3. Bb-Lek Worth Investment Limited: Situated in Abeokuta South, they are known for their work with moringa, alongside their poultry farming activities.
  4. Bellat Farms & Agro Allied Nigeria Limited: They are reputed for producing quality palm oil and offering various agro-services, including farm rearing and supervision.
  5. C B Eggs Livestock Ventures: Based along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, they specialize in poultry, providing eggs wholesale and retail, as well as rearing chickens.
  6. Debowale Farms Limited: Specializes in food crop cultivation and also delves into livestock production, contributing to the region’s agricultural diversity​​​​.

The Poultry Association of Nigeria, Ogun State chapter (PANOG), is also a key player in the region, offering support services like training, consultancy, and advocacy for the poultry industry. They play a significant role in promoting the interests of poultry farmers and stakeholders in the state​​.

For beginners or those looking to invest in the poultry sector in Ogun State, these farms represent just a snapshot of what the state has to offer. Engaging with these farms can provide valuable insights into the operational aspects of poultry farming, market dynamics, and the latest agricultural practices. Prices and services vary, so it’s advisable to reach out directly to these farms to get detailed information tailored to your needs.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into the poultry farming scene in Ogun State or seeking to collaborate with local farms, don’t hesitate to connect with them. They can offer in-depth knowledge, quality products, and even partnership opportunities that can be pivotal for your agricultural journey. Embrace the vibrant agricultural community in Ogun State and explore the diverse opportunities it has to offer!

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