TOP List of Poultry Farms in Kaduna

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Hello there! Embarking on a journey into the world of poultry farming in Kaduna is quite an adventure and a fantastic step, especially if you’re keen on tapping into the agricultural sector or expanding your investment portfolio. Kaduna, with its conducive environment for farming, hosts a variety of poultry farms that cater to both local and broader markets. Let’s walk through some notable poultry farms in the area, providing you with insights and key details to fuel your agricultural aspirations:

  1. Aisha Farms & Poultry Equipments: Located in Kaduna South, this farm is not just about raising chickens; they’re also into the import and export of poultry equipment. They’re a go-to for both budding and seasoned farmers looking for quality poultry supplies or healthy, commercially raised chickens.
  2. Bahamuu Farms: Situated in the Kadaure area, they combine poultry farming with crop planting, offering a range of farm produce, including meat (beef and chicken) and live chickens, perfect for those looking to diversify.
  3. Butim Farma: This place is a hub for quality fish and snail farming alongside poultry, providing a diverse agricultural experience. They’re located in Mogadishu Layout, offering services like pond construction, agro-allied services, and consultancy.
  4. Kutunban Poultry Equipment and Farm: Specializing in poultry battery cages and the production of poultry birds at the point of lay, they are your allies in starting or expanding your poultry business, located beside Jamima bakery.
  5. Peora Farms: Operating from Gbagyi Villa, this farm focuses on raising birds for sale, making it a great spot for purchasing your start-up flock or expanding your existing one.
  6. Poultry Dotcom Farms: They offer a range of poultry products, including fresh meat, eggs, and live chickens, perfect for those looking to stock up on poultry supplies or delve into poultry farming themselves.
  7. Sky Fresh Poultry & Equipment: If you’re interested in both poultry farming and the equipment side of things, this farm offers comprehensive services and products, situated at Nnamdi Azikwe Express By Pass.
  8. Umaiyah Integrated Farms – Poultry: Focused on the commercial raising of birds, they provide an array of poultry products such as eggs, live chicken, and prepared meat, located in Barakallahu- Rigachikun Kawo.
  9. VAD Farms: Known for their freshly harvested vegetables and poultry products, they’re based in Kaduna South, offering a blend of poultry farming and vegetable cultivation.
  10. Yamuhsan Farm: This professional poultry farm offers a range of poultry products at competitive prices, located on Sarkin Yaki Road, Gyallesu Zaria.

For beginners or those keen on investing, these farms represent the vibrant poultry farming scene in Kaduna. Contacting them directly will give you a more detailed insight into their operations, products, and services. Whether you’re planning to start your poultry farm or looking for reliable suppliers, these farms can provide the necessary support, quality products, and expert advice to help you thrive in the agricultural sector.

Embarking on this journey connects you with the local agricultural community, offering opportunities to contribute to food security and participate in a growing industry. Dive into the world of poultry farming with enthusiasm, and watch your agricultural dreams take flight in Kaduna!‚Äč

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